Who is Lance Bachmann?

Lance Bachmann is a true son of Philadelphia: he was raised in the Northeast alongside his 14 brothers and sisters. With strong roots in his hometown and an unparalleled commitment to his family, Lance is a professional family man that can be trusted with anything.

He was the youngest vice president in AT&T history and helped start YellowPages.com before leaving to start his own company, 1SEO, in 2009.

“I started 1SEO 13 years ago,” Bachmann told NJ.com. “I helped start YellowPages.com. I was in corporate America for years. Corporate America was great, but I came to a crossroads. I decided to leave and start my own company. So many people doubted me, so many people told me not to. I was making good money. People get so used to playing it safe, and just working 9-5, 8-5.”

Since then, Bachmann has become a best selling author, international keynote speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and owner of multiple home service companies.

A Master of Growing and Selling Businesses

Do you want to exit your company and be a multi-millionaire? Lance Bachmann is the person for you.

Lance has started a home services industry revolution, and he is just getting started: his brand is growing by leaps and bounds every month.

Lance is the owner of an ever-growing portfolio of home service businesses that collectively employ hundreds of employees, and generate more than $100 million in revenue each year. He implements all of the aspects of his business career into each new venture, utilizing his playbook-a plug and play guide for success-to turn the companies into multi-million dollar juggernauts.

“Most people, the difference between winning and losing is small: they quit right before they are about ready to win,” Bachmann told NJ.com. “So many people quit because they got tired, or they kept losing, and losing, and losing. Well, you were just on the cusp of winning. I tell that to my sons all the time: don’t be afraid to lose, let it rip.

“Now, it is not about me anymore. Now, it is about how much can I build, and where can we take this, and how many lives can we change along the way. The vision is constantly changing and evolving. My vision started out in one place, and went to another. Every time I add another company to my portfolio, and it is growing, or struggling, whatever it may be, the vision is constantly changing.”

Lance Bachmann speaking

Go All In with Lance Bachmann

“There is not much gray area surrounding the phrase ‘All In.’

“The term comes from poker. When a player is fully committed, they will push all their chips into the pot, knowing this is their best chance to make a big splash.”

These are the opening words to Lance’s book, “All In.” On top of everything that Lance has achieved so far, he is now a best-selling author. All In is the way you have to live every day in order to become successful in any walk of life: you can’t go into anything half-hearted.

Lance also talks about how people need to shift their thought process from “Why me?” to “Why not me?” Whether you are trying to build a business from the ground up, or just hoping to ascend to the top of your career, “All In” is a guide for advancement, achievement, and prosperity.

Bachmann’s Playbook is Secret to Success

Since Lance started 1SEO with his sister Jolin, he has been able to build and grow multiple companies using his playbook for success. Bachmann has cultivated those businesses and, so far, sold some for upwards of eight figures.

How does he do that? He comes in and changes the dynamic right away, as the companies plug and play Bachmann’s dynamic playbook, which has revolutionized the home services industry. Many service industry companies are smaller brands, which underestimate the demand in any community. Lance helps those companies scale up, and pick up more of the business in a given region. Someone is going to get that next call, that next job, so remember, “Why not me?”

The Bachmanns: Building Brands & Character

Welcome to the world of the Bachmanns! In this world, Lance Bachmann has built one of the nation’s top digital marketing firms from the ground to the top of the profession. His success in business has been driven by his ambition, hard work, and dedication to his craft, and he is just as committed to instilling these values, as well as courage and character, in his children Andrew, Lance Jr. (L.J.), Greggy, and Davey.

Lance constantly reminds his children that no matter what obstacles or adversities they may face, they can achieve anything with hard work, determination, and the right attitude.
From Lance’s success in business to his children’s accomplishments on the wrestling mat, soccer field, and in their academics, the Bachmanns are a family of champions. With each challenge they face, the family continues to come together and build brands, character and a legacy that will last a lifetime.

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