Bill Rossell Appointed as CEO of LB Capital: A New Era of Vision and Leadership


LB Capital is thrilled to welcome Bill Rossell as the new CEO, and the company anticipates a prosperous future under his visionary leadership. His strategic insights and passion for excellence align perfectly with LB Capital’s commitment to providing clients with innovative and world-class financial solutions.

Bristol, PA, November 8, 2023 

LB Capital proudly announces the appointment of Bill Rossell as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This strategic move brings Bill’s decades of leadership and experience to the forefront of LB Capital, setting the stage for an exciting new chapter in the company’s history.

“Bill has been an integral part of my journey for over two decades, contributing his expertise to three different organizations, including Verizon, Yellow Pages AT&T, and 1SEO,” LB Capital Founder Lance Bachmann said. “Throughout his tenure, these companies have flourished under his leadership and guidance, growing into industry leaders. I firmly believe that Bill will play a pivotal role in the continuous growth of LB Capital and all the businesses within our portfolio. We are committed to providing the best work environment for our employees and delivering exceptional service to our valued customers.”

Rossell joins LB Capital after a distinguished career, culminating in his most recent role as the Chief Operating Officer at Tommy Mello’s Home Service Freedom group. Throughout his career, Rossell has consistently demonstrated his commitment to excellence and his ability to drive results. His impressive track record, coupled with a close professional relationship with industry leader Bachmann, makes him a valuable asset to LB Capital’s leadership team.

Prior to his role at Home Service Freedom, Rossell played an integral part at 1SEO, where he initially served as Vice President for Client Relations. During his tenure, Rossell focused on establishing and maintaining strong client relationships. He ensured that the expectations set by 1SEO’s sales teams were perfectly aligned with clients’ goals and needs. As a result, Rossell made a substantial impact in helping clients succeed in the online arena.

Subsequently, Rossell took on the role of Chief Sales Officer at 1SEO. In this capacity, he continued to oversee all aspects of client relations, both pre- and post-sale. His leadership was instrumental in the seamless delivery of customized online marketing solutions. Rossell’s guidance helped clients realize the full potential of their investments and boosted the company’s reputation for delivering exceptional customer service.

Before his tenure at 1SEO, Rossell held several key leadership positions, including Regional Vice President of Sales at and Director of Online Marketing for North America at 1&1 Internet. His dynamic leadership style has consistently brought out the best in his teams, both personally and professionally.

Rossell’s approach to business is guided by a deeply ingrained philosophy. He believes that every interaction with a client is a “Moment of Truth” that can set a company apart from the competition through unparalleled customer service. This principle, along with his unwavering dedication to quality, has been the foundation of his success. Rossell’s impressive professional journey is enriched by his earlier service in the US Navy on nuclear-powered submarines. This experience taught him discipline, teamwork, and a profound commitment to excellence.

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