Is SEO Dead? 26 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on SEO and it’s Future

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#8- Google will continue to be even more advanced

While SEO has made drastic changes since it first evolved over ten years ago it is far from dead. It is no secret the first page of Google has changed and will most likely continue to change. From there only being 4 positions for PPC to now PPC has been added to the map pack as well as four additional spaces below the organic listings. There are still ten organic spots on the first page, Google has just expanded the total amount of PPC positions to help increase their revenue. Google my business now plays a factor, as far as having multiple listings, and a real business address. There are also a lot of new and cheaper ways to market since SEO first came out. Facebook and Instagram are a perfect example. Facebook is great for not only building your brand but will help e-commerce businesses a lot as well. So yes while SEO may have changed there is no sign of it going anywhere, however, make no mistake Google will continue to be even more advanced.

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