It’s Shark Week 2014!

There is nothing that signifies the end of the summer more than the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Started exactly 26 years ago, Shark Week is the one chance a year this amazing animal gets to be showcased in all of its glory. Both mesmerizing and terrifying, sharks are one animal that don’t like to be messed with.

While Steven Spielberg put sharks on the map with the movie Jaws, there have been many movies since then that have either been cheesy or just downright silly. Have any of you seen Sharknado? What about Sharknado 2? The Discovery Channel keeps the world in awe and fascinated with sharks, and I firmly believe that there will be many more shark movies coming our way in 2015!

In the United States, Shark Week 2014 is both trending on Google and Twitter. Oh, the power of social media. I never even saw the FIFA World Cup, nor soccer aka “Football,” become so popular before this year. I firmly believe that part of the reason this occurred because of all of the advertising and engagement that the FIFA World Cup did and received via Facebook and Twitter.

@SharkWeek on Twitter has been extremely active posting videos, photos, and teasers related to this year’s Shark Week. At, we do a lot of the same thing, but we post about the many things that happen throughout the world of Internet marketing. But hey, we might even have a Shark Week post thrown in there this week!

Enjoy all of the chomping, biting, and thrashing During Shark Week 2014! I know I will try to catch a little bit of it if I can!

And, I can’t forget…just a few more weeks until the 2014  NFL  Football season!!!

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