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Transforming the Roofing Industry with ServiceTitan and LB Capital


Lance Bachmann and LB Capital are on a mission to reshape the roofing landscape!  With the powerful tool of ServiceTitan in their arsenal, they’re revolutionizing the way roofing is done. From demand-driven strategies to a customer-centric approach, they’re turning roofing into a five-star business. Lance recently sat down with ServiceTitan to unveil his transformative plans for the roofing industry, which you can ready here:

With a clear vision and the support of ServiceTitan, LB Capital is set to redefine the roofing landscape. From elevating customer experience to implementing demand-driven strategies, Bachmann and LB Capital are leading the charge in making roofing a five-star, professional business. 

Get ready for a new era of professionalism and success in the roofing industry. 
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